Our People

A substantial number of the people who work at IOB Greensboro have a visual impairment of some kind. It’s a fact but it’s not an obstacle.

We go out of our way to attract the kind of people who don’t think much about their disability. They want to contribute something to the world and their disability does not slow them down.

We reward our employees with fulfilling work and fair compensation. We regularly seek their input on how the organization is run.

Success Stories

Everyone at IOB is remarkable. Speaking with any of our staff, you’ll hear stories of uncommon strength, faith, and resilience. Get to know a few of our people by reading their stories below.

Annie AlexanderAfter four decades at IOB, Supervisor Annie Alexander can do it all. Including rhyme.


Sharon BrisbonWith faith and grit, Sharon Brisbon pressed on through hardship and raised a happy family.


Trish Jarrett Left for dead, Trish Jarrett survived, found her soulmate, and thrived.

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