Eight Decades of Excellence: Good People Doing Great Work

This fall, Industries of the Blind will proudly celebrate our 80th anniversary in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The work we do at IOB is really special – here, Greensboro residents with vision impairments are provided a unique environment to share their talents, be successful, and play an important role in a business that is an asset to our community.

When we opened in 1933 as the Guilford County Association for the Blind, there were only 6 employees making mops in our Lee Street storefront. Today, Industries of the Blind has more than 200 Greensboro residents on staff and we make a whole lot more than mops! Over the last 80 years we’ve expanded our facilities tenfold and now manufacture everything from clipboards to parachutes and even protective armor for our troops.
(And of course, our famous Skilcraft pens, too.)

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IOB provides hundreds of Greensboro residents an opportunity to make a living doing meaningful work. We are proud to craft quality products for retailers and U.S. government departments.

This is an amazing milestone in our community’s history and we are excited to celebrate the achievements of our workers. After eight decades of excellence, it’s time to take a step back, celebrate, and say thank you to our outstanding staff and supportive community.

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