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Shared Visions for Shared Growth and a Shared Future!

The recently formed partnership between Industries of the Blind (IOB) and Royal Park USA (RPUSA) is in the midst of creating a comprehensive Full Package Center (FPC). The FPC will offer expanded design, product development, and  end-model manufacturing based in the United States. This will serve as a centralized resource center connecting brands, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, suppliers and retailers in the apparel and products industry with the contacts needed as a first-step in the product development process.

Our initial efforts, in the final planning and development stages, are intended to enhance and expand the market and the growth potential of the domestic apparel and products industry. This effort will encourage increased opportunities for US manufacturing companies and lay the groundwork for the ‘bringing home’ of quality jobs for the US workforce…the result being a more secure future for us all.

Our Objectives for the Full Package Center

This unique and industry-changing “one stop shop” will enable companies that currently have off-shore production work to quickly move their business stateside at very competitive costs…which we believe will lead to profitable domestic manufacturing.

The Full Package Center center will significantly streamline the search process for fabrics and trim resources, pattern makers, cut and sew operations, assembly and manufacturing facilities, logistics and distribution outlets. In addition, the FPC will provide resources to help connect US businesses with industry-experienced support services such as designers, product development consultants, marketing, promotions advisors, and others.

Building on the Lean Manufacturing Model

Combining the FPC with IOB’s culture and existing constraints-based lean manufacturing model will prove to be a key ingredient to the overall plan. Once the FPC is fully implemented and fine-tuned, we will have create a ‘real showplace’ and industry-leading model.

By implementing ‘best practices ’ in all phases of the production process,  we will be synchronizing consumer demand with end-component manufacturing and distribution. This process will optimize the speed at which investment in raw materials and production is converted into a predictable and sustainable revenue stream from consumers.  In simpler terms: minimizing costs while maximizing revenue.

A Working Partnership Beneficial to All Parties

We are structuring the business model specifically to encourage reciprocating trade activity that flows both ways for all participants.  In essence we are recreating an era that nurtures true collaborations and partnerships – all the while moving fast to deliver results – and operating under the principles of keeping it small , keeping it focused, keeping it simple, keeping it easy to implement, and keeping it effective.

This unique, relationship-based and industry-changing revolution will prove that the solid business relationships formed through the FPC will deliver results by giving all parties involved the ability to benefit now and for years to come.

For further information please email Willie Royal.


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